The Hollywood Freeway Ghosts is an indie rock project based in Luxembourg.

On the Way was written, performed (bass, electric guitar, keyboards, synthesizers, ukelele, upright bass and vocals ) and produced by The Hollywood Freeway Ghosts with the help of

Bart Dietvorst Acoustic guitar, lap steel, pedal steel (Flying, Richer Than You, On the Way)
Chuck Sabo Drums (Last Mile, Deadlines, Super Star)
Clementine Chester Synthesizers (Lake)
Jay Stapley Electric guitars (Last Mile, Deadlines, Flying, Super Star)
Jeffrey Anthony Drums (Flying, Richer Than You, On the Way)
Mike Snow Horns (Lake, Last Mile, On the Way)
Liam McCollum Piano (Flying, On the Way)

The EP was mixed by Jay Stapley at Driftwoodstudio.uk except the opening track Lake, which was mixed by The Hollywood Freeway Ghosts at Pig Ghosts are the Wurst Studio in Luxembourg.

Photo: Cahuenga Valley Pass Road 1890 courtesy California State Library

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