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“Flying” shows a serene, gliding rock sound from The Hollywood Freeway Ghosts, an act based around Luxembourg. The band was founded by a songwriter/bassist formerly from Los Angeles, alongside an eclectic cast of international musicians. Their new EP, On the Way, released today, and can be streamed in full here. As the release’s first single, “Flying” chugs along on a hazy, twangy twilight reminiscent of Kurt Vile. Halted vocals in the verses build to a very melodic chorus, with piano accompaniment and a tinge of orchestral beauty. go to obscure sound here
The Alternate Root Top Ten Songs for June 19, 2019


The mysterious woman in red sitting in the #1 spot on the weekly Top Ten for Wednesday, June 19, 2019 is Eilen Jewell, the queen-of-the-minor-key songstress returning with her upcoming (08-19-19) release, Gypsy, on the list with “Crawl”. Shinyribs is the CB radio handle for the band cruising the highways shouting out “Sing It Right” from their recent release, Fog and Bling. Don Gallardo readies for a late summer release of his upcoming E.P., joined on the recording and on the chart by Lilly Winwood with “Shine a Light on Me”. Nels Andrews has a new release, Pigeon and the Crow, due on August 9, 2019, on this week’s chart with “Scrimshaw”. The tunes join Bluegrass from Irene Kelley, west coast rock with The Hollywood Freeway Ghosts, the Folk Americana of Muriel Buckley, and Indie Roots from the pairing of two heavy-hitters, Calexico and Iron & Wine with “Father Mountain” from their recent Years to Burnrelease. Janiva Magness gives a warning as she closes out the chart with as a fan, the track matching the tone of her upcoming (09-13-19) release of John Fogerty covers, “Change in the Weather” on the weekly Top Ten for Wednesday June 19, 2019.
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